Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey all!  So I am super excited to announce that my lovely friend Grace Gefke and I are now going to be collaborating on this blog to make it extra wonderful.  Grace is also a bride to be, and is in the middle of planning her wedding in May.  Not only does she have a wonderful fashion sense, sweet artistic capabilities and talent, but she is also an amazing person who I am proud to call a dear friend.

We are doing this together to share with you our wedding planning process, while documenting the steps we are taking along the way to the celebration of our wedding days!  She is an amazing crafter, so you can be excited for many DIY how-tos. She also has a great eye for out-of-the-norm inspiration, so be ready to be inspired.  We are so excited to be going through this process together, and excited to share it with you who have an ear to listen and walk with us through this journey.  So heres to collaboration, weddings, and life.  Its a journey we want to share :)  Happy weekend!

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