Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY Wednesday with Grace!

So I've been inspired by those honeycomb party lanterns lately, and after seeing some cute sunbursts I had to try it for myself! So here's a little DIY lovin for ya'll.

What you'll need:

tissue paper
glue stick

1. Start by choosing a tissue paper you love (mine had sparkles in it!).

2. Cut one sheet in half.
3. Fold the tissue paper with accordian folds, repeat with the other half of your paper (you'll need both).

4. After your halves have been folded, cut the design of your choice out of one side. Make sure if you are creating a round edge like I did, you don't cut too far down the backside (this will separate the folds).
5. Glue along the front and back edges of the tissue paper (stay within one inch of the edge).

6. Gather the folds together as shown above, this will keep the center of your burst together. Repeat steps 6-5 with the other half of your paper.
7. Glue the two sheets together (make sure the patterns match up!).
8. Once your two sides are glued together pull them apart and glue the opposite sides together, you should end up with a lovely sunburst!
I had a little fun creating a garden on my shutters. I'm thinking of using the same idea in a light cream for my wedding. Enjoy!

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